How to Hang a Rug on the Wall: A Step-by-Step Guide for Your Beautiful Display

How to Hang a Rug on the Wall: A Step-by-Step Guide for Your Beautiful Display

If you've purchased a beautiful rug or carpet from our store, you might be thinking about more than just putting it on the floor. Rugs can double as stunning wall art pieces, adding texture, colour, and warmth to a room. Not sure how to do it? Fear not! Here's your guide on how to hang a rug on the wall without causing any damage to your precious piece.

1. Choose the Right Rug

Not all rugs are suitable for hanging. It's best to select lightweight rugs for this purpose, as heavy rugs can strain and damage the fibres when hung. If you're shopping for a rug specifically to hang, consider the rug's weight and weave.

2. Select a Location

Choose a location that doesn't receive direct sunlight, which can cause your rug to fade over time. Ensure there's enough wall space for the rug to be displayed without crowding.

3. Gather Your Materials

To hang your rug, you'll need:

  • A curtain rod or wooden dowel (slightly wider than the rug's width)
  • Curtain rod brackets or heavy-duty wall hooks
  • Fabric or carpet strips (optional)
  • Hand-sewing needle and strong thread
  • Wall anchors (for heavy rugs)

4. Prepare Your Rug

If your rug doesn't already have a pocket for a curtain rod, you'll need to create one.

Here's how:

  • Lay your rug face down.
  • Sew a fabric or carpet strip along the top edge of the rug, ensuring it's wide enough to fit your rod or dowel. This creates a sleeve for the rod.
  • Make sure your stitches are even and strong, especially if the rug is heavy.

5. Install Brackets or Hooks

  • Hold your curtain rod (with the rug already threaded) against the wall where you want to hang it.
  • Mark the wall at both ends of the rod.
  • Install your brackets or wall hooks at these marks. If the rug is heavy, you might want to use wall anchors for extra support.

6. Hang Your Rug

Once the brackets or hooks are secured, place the rod and rug onto them. Adjust the rug as needed, ensuring it's centered and hangs straight.

7. Maintenance

Regularly check the rod and brackets to ensure they are securely holding the rug. Take down your rug and gently shake it every few months to remove dust. If it needs cleaning, follow the rug’s specific instructions.


Hanging a rug on the wall is a fantastic way to showcase its design and transform the look of a room. Whether it's a cherished antique or a contemporary masterpiece, displaying a rug as wall art will make a statement. Remember to check our collection for rugs designed specifically for this purpose. We hope this guide helps you create a unique and stylish space!

Happy decorating!

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