Stair Carpet Runners

Stair Carpet Runners presents a practical way to improve any staircase’s comfort, safety, and fashion. Home Design offers various staircase runners that provide both practical and design benefits. Our collection includes many stylish and colourful runners with soft and sleek finishes developed to meet safety and style needs.

Our Stair Carpet Runners are created from tightly woven fabrics, such as polypropylene, nylon, and wool, that increase durability and resistance to wear in high-traffic areas. We provide our clients with classic Stair Carpet Runners lengths of 26″ and 32″ and any custom length they choose. In addition, our experienced installation team is trained to install runners on all staircases, including semi-circular, circular, landings, and Hollywood (open staircases).

In addition to our standard and custom runners, we also offer wall-to-wall carpeting and installation to protect your entire staircase. Home Design has a dedicated installation team specializing in installing Stair Carpet Runners, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Elevate the appearance and comfort of your staircase by installing a stylish and colourful runner that adds a touch of splendour and enhances safety. Our collection offers endless possibilities to suit your unique preferences, from timeless patterns to modern designs. Visit our elegant showroom today to explore our vast selection of Stair Carpet Runners at unbeatable prices.

We invite you to give us a call at 416-748-8100 to discuss your carpeting needs and schedule a consultation with one of our experts.

  1. Do carpet runners ruin hardwood stairs: Carpet runners, when not properly maintained, can potentially damage hardwood stairs. They may trap dirt and moisture, leading to wear and tear over time. To prevent this, ensure regular cleaning and use rug pads for protection.

  2. Where to buy stair carpet runners: Stair carpet runners can be found at various places, such as Home Design Carpet & Rug, some home improvement stores, carpet retailers, online marketplaces like Amazon and Wayfair, and specialty rug stores. Local carpet shops and home decor stores often carry a selection, too.

  3. Can you use carpet runners on stairs: Yes, stair carpet runners are suitable for stairs. They enhance safety, reduce noise, and improve the staircase's appearance. Proper installation and maintenance are essential to avoid any potential damage to the stairs.

  4. Where to buy carpet runners for stairs near me: To find carpet runners for stairs in your vicinity, consider visiting local home improvement stores, carpet retailers, or specialty rug shops. Additionally, you can search online for local suppliers or use location-based filters on online marketplaces.

  5. Do stair carpet runners ruin wood: Stair carpet runners can damage wood stairs if not properly maintained. To prevent any harm, it's important to use rug pads, secure the runners firmly, and conduct regular cleaning and maintenance to preserve the wood's quality.