How to Position an Area Rug in a Bedroom: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Position an Area Rug in a Bedroom: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Position an Area Rug in a Bedroom: A Comprehensive Guide

Investing in a beautiful area rug is not just about choosing the right pattern, colour, or material. It's also about positioning it correctly in your room to accentuate its beauty and functionality. If you've recently bought an area rug for your bedroom or are considering doing so, this guide will assist you in finding the perfect spot and alignment for it.

1. Understanding Rug Sizes

Before deciding on the placement, ensure that the rug you've chosen is the appropriate size for your bedroom. A rug that's too small can feel out of place, while one that's too large can overwhelm the space.

  • Large Rugs: Suitable for bigger bedrooms. They can lie under the bed, extending out on all sides.
  • Medium Rugs: Perfect for standard-sized rooms. They may cover the space around the bed but not extend to all walls.
  • Small Rugs: Ideal for smaller bedrooms or to be used as accent pieces.

2. Aligning with the Bed

  • Under the Bed: A popular choice is to position a larger rug under the bed. Ensure that it extends evenly on both sides. This provides a cozy landing for your feet every morning and helps anchor the room.

  • At the Foot of the Bed: If you have a medium-sized rug, consider placing it horizontally at the foot of the bed. This creates a warm visual endpoint and is especially useful if you have a bench at the end of your bed.

  • On Either Side of the Bed: For those who prefer smaller rugs or runners, placing one on each side of the bed can give symmetry and comfort where you need it most.

3. Considering Furniture

Your bedroom isn't just your bed. Think about other furniture items like nightstands, dressers, or chairs.

  • Avoid the "Floating" Look: If your rug is under your bed, ensure it doesn't just float between furniture pieces. It should either fit snugly between them or extend beyond them.

  • Integrate Accent Furniture: If you have a reading nook or accent chair, use a smaller rug to differentiate that space.

4. Shape Matters

While most people think of rectangular rugs, don't forget other shapes. Circular or oval rugs can provide an intriguing visual contrast, especially in square or rectangular bedrooms.

5. Safety First

No matter where you position your rug, safety is paramount. Ensure that all edges are flat, and consider using rug pads or anti-slip mats underneath, especially if you have hardwood or tiled floors.

6. Trust Your Instincts

While these guidelines are tried and true, everyone's tastes are unique. Sometimes, the best placement might be an unconventional one that suits your personal style. Trust your instincts and go with what feels right for your space.


An area rug can make or break the ambiance of your bedroom. While selecting the right rug is vital, positioning it correctly is equally essential. Use the tips above to find the perfect spot for your rug, and remember to have fun while decorating! Your bedroom should be a space where you feel relaxed and at ease; a well-placed rug can significantly contribute to that atmosphere.

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