Enchanting Shag - C
Enchanting Shag - C
Enchanting Shag - C
Enchanting Shag - C
Enchanting Shag - C

Enchanting Shag - C

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Unveiling the Enchanting Shag Rug Collection, an awe-inspiring fusion of opulence and sophistication designed to metamorphose any space into a haven of lavishness. These rugs are more than just floor coverings; they are sensory experiences defined by their luxuriously thick, plush textures. As you tread on them, you'll find it's not merely a step you're taking, but a foray into a realm of comfort so enticing that it beckons you to delve deeper into its lush fibers.

Every rug within this enthralling collection is a masterclass in design and functionality, crafted with an uncompromising focus on the finer details. Beyond their visual appeal, these rugs offer a practical benefit seldom found in such luxurious offerings: a non-shedding quality. This key feature ensures that maintaining these sumptuous pieces is as effortless as enjoying their comfort, sparing you from the regular upkeep commonly associated with high-end rugs.

Surrender to the irresistible charm of the Enchanting Shag Rug Collection and elevate your interior spaces to a newfound zenith of style and luxury. These rugs are versatile enough to grace any room—be it your living room, bedroom, or beyond and transform it from mundane to magnificent.

When you introduce these rugs into your décor, you're not just laying down a floor covering; you're making a bold style statement that turns ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences of comfort and sophistication.

3x5 (2’7”x4’11”)
4x6 (3’11”x5’10”)
5x8 (5’3”x7’7”)
6x9 (6’7”x9’6”)
8x11 (7’10”x10’10”)
9x12 (9’2”x12’6”)

Country of Origin: Turkey
Production Process: Power loomed
Material: 100% Polypropylene
Cleaning: Very Easy
Shedding: None
Pile height: 2.0”
Pile Density: 8.5/10

*Exact dimensions of this collection +/-2%

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