Enchanting Shag - D
Enchanting Shag - D
Enchanting Shag - D
Enchanting Shag - D
Enchanting Shag - D

Enchanting Shag - D

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Presenting the Enchanting Shag Rug Collection, an exquisite fusion of sophistication and opulence that instantly elevates any space to a realm of plush luxury. Every step on these rugs transcends mere motion; it becomes an embrace of lush comfort, inviting you to revel in the deep, rich textures underfoot.

Every rug within this entrancing collection is woven with precision and care, balancing unparalleled aesthetics with functional excellence. A notable characteristic of the Enchanting Shag rugs is their non-shedding nature, a deliberate design choice ensuring that elegance doesn't come at the expense of easy upkeep.

Dive into the magnetic charm of the Enchanting Shag Rug Collection and transform your habitat into an epitome of style and plush comfort. Whether it graces your living room, bedroom, or another cherished space, these rugs exude an elegance that morphs ordinary floors into iconic style statements.

3x5 (2’7”x4’11”)
4x6 (3’11”x5’10”)
5x8 (5’3”x7’7”)
6x9 (6’7”x9’6”)
8x11 (7’10”x10’10”)
9x12 (9’2”x12’6”)

Country of Origin: Turkey
Production Process: Power loomed
Material: 100% Polypropylene
Cleaning: Very Easy
Shedding: None
Pile height: 2.0”
Pile Density: 8.5/10

*Exact dimensions of this collection +/-2%

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