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Galim - G

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Introducing the entrancing Galim Rug Collection, an exceptional showcase of rugs that celebrate the enduring allure of Persian motifs. Elevated by a dynamic colour scheme, the collection seamlessly integrates vibrant reds, soothing blues, verdant greens, and the quintessential ivory shade.

Experience the irresistible draw of time-honoured artistry in each rug, as traditional cultural elements are masterfully blended with contemporary accents, enhancing the atmosphere of your living spaces. Step into the fascinating universe of Galim rugs, where artistic ingenuity and a harmonious colour palette collaborate to rejuvenate your home décor.

Beyond the visual appeal, the Galim Rug Collection brings with it an element of practical luxury. These rugs are carefully crafted from premium materials, ensuring not only an aesthetic impact but also a tactile experience that exudes comfort and durability. This melding of visual beauty with sensory satisfaction makes the Galim collection a sublime choice for those seeking to inject their homes with an elegant fusion of style and functionality.

3x5 (2’7”x4’11”)
5x8 (5’3”x7’7”)
7x10 (6’7”x10)
8x11 (7’10”x10’10”)
9x12 (9’2”x12”)

Country of Origin: Turkey
Production Process: Power loomed
Material: 100% Polypropylene
Cleaning: Very Easy
Shedding: None
Pile height: 0.5
Pile Density: 7.5/10

*Exact dimensions of this collection +/-2% 

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